making a meaningful difference through our charitable endeavors.

About Us

GCS has been running since 1970’s and we believe it has been successfully running, delivering cultural and community support. GCS is unique as we have an organisation serving people from all over India as one united family. GCS now, more than ever, hope and count on your strong, loyal and valuable support for our continuous success

Our mission


We aim to bring the joy of Indian festivals and cultural practices to the forefront, celebrating our heritage with authenticity and enthusiasm.


We provide a welcoming space for individuals to connect, share stories, and build lasting relationships based on shared cultural values.


Through our events and charitable initiatives, we channel our collective energy towards making a positive impact on society, uplifting the less fortunate, and creating a better world for all.

Meet Our Committee Members

Roles and Responsibilities

Dr Amrut Shah


Trustee/Health group co-ordinatior and Health Advisor

Anant Suchak


Anita Agnihotri

Joint Entertainment Secretary

Entertainment (social/non religious), Health and Safety

Dhirajlal Lamba

Joint Entertainment Secretary

Entertainment (religious) and religious advisor

Anju Chauhan

Vice President

Vice President/Summer day outing leader/ involvement in sub committees/monthly meeting - minutes

Jignesh Agnithotri


President/ Sports Day leader/ Holi

Dr Hitendra Rajyaguru

Committee Member

Interfaith Group/Media co-ordination/ religious activities/looking into grants from council and other places

Mahindra Chauhan


Secretary/smooth functioning of the management Committee

Ketan Patel

Assistant Secretary

Communications/ news letter/ WhatsApp group administrator

Manjalaben Shah

Committee Member

Support at Navratri/ leading elders group/ support with religious activities

Ramanbhai Shah


Advisor/ support at events

Pravinchadra Limbachia

Assistant Treasurer

Advisor and book keeping/support with ticketing at various events

Pinal Patel

Committee Member

Support to Assistant Secretary with communication/ catering advisor/ helping with events

Mira Patel

Co-opted Member

Helping with events/ raffle prizes organisation