Right Track are running an event in October. The event is aimed at connecting people in Brighton and Hove especially from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities who have musculoskeletal conditions (such as back or hip pain, osteoporosis or arthritis) with support in the local community and voluntary sector that can help improve their wellbeing.

It will take place in Brighton on Tuesday 11th of October at The Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership Centre (BMECP). It’s hosted by Right Track, a collaboration of community and voluntary sector organisations, on behalf of local NHS service provider, Sussex MSK Partnership Central.

The event will give people with these conditions, and their carers, the opportunity to:

* Meet others facing similar challenges and share their experiences
* Get specialist advice on how they can manage their condition
* Find out about free or low cost support, activities and groups near them
* Barriers to communities managing their own health better.
* What’s currently out there? What helps you now?
* What resources have we got? What additional resources do we need?
* How do we take this work forward?
* What solutions could you offer?