This summer I’m hoping to work on a project with the charity VSO, in Lamjung, Nepal which should be both challenging and exciting. I have gone through a number of interviews and assessment centres and pleased that have been picked by the VSO to undertake this project.

I will be staying in Lamjung for three months working on VSO’s education programme for young girls. The programme is called “sisters for sisters” and it aims to provide better access to education and make sure that enough girls get a chance to go into secondary schools. I’m really passionate about girls being given equal opportunity – especially in the Hindu community – where sometimes girls are treated as “second-class” citizens. Most of Nepal is Hindu. I will be living with a local family – which I’m sure will be an experience – and working with the local community to improve awareness and support for girls’ education. This will be a challenging experience and it will take me away from home comforts, but I am very excited to help improve the well-being and education of young people in Nepal, so it is all worth it.

I’m hoping to raise £1500 in order to help support VSO continue this programme and all of the other programmes that it has in developing countries.” I would be really grateful if you can sponsor me please. Donating to my JustGiving page is easy-just follow this link and click donate:

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Voluntary Service Overseas so it’s a quick and safe way to donate.

Thank you, Rupa