GCS would like support from the Committee on a concert arranged by ‘The  Berakah Project’ 
Their Misssion
The Berakah Project is a music based charity initiative, comprising band members and trustees of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith heritage. Their core values are:
• Promoting peaceful co-existence
• Opposing religious violence
• Raising awareness and bridging cultures through the medium of music
• Bringing together audiences from different faith groups through musical events
• Challenging cultural stereotypes that exist in all communities
• Celebrating diversity
• Building bridges between people of different faith heritages
• Promoting freedom of choice and values in line with individual choice
The Berakah Players at Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DR on 6th June 2015
Tickets are £10.00 on line and can by purchased from the address on the poster.
This is a very Important organisation for us to support as we are ourselves a Cultural Society and it promises to be most entertaining and enjoyable Musical event.
Please visit the site for information and to listen to some amazing performance on the You Tube